The Only 3rd Force Party in Lagos State

ACCORD; the democratic hope of lAGOSIANS.

We have an abiding faith in the birth of a new city,
 where Obi, Haruna, Segun can live, grow and build a successful life and career.
As well as a city, where Chioma, Abosede and Haminat can live securely and lead a life of purpose.

We are a youth populated party.

With 70% ofour membership being young men and women, of varies disciplne, background and tribe, but with a uniform quest for a better government that can entrench people-centered governance. 

What drives us is idea and not money or lust for power.
We are the only party of Lagosians, for Lagosians and by Lagosians.
Over the years, we are remain unblemished, untainted and uncompromised in our quest to install a government that will work for prosperity of the average Lagosians, and not see them as a tax-cow. 

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Massive Youth Employment

We believe for a prosperous Lagos, the youth have to be economically engaged.


Condusive Tax Policy

We believe tax is to keep companies responsible and accountable to the government and the people, and should not suffocate any company or industry


equal justice

Our quest for governance  is the enthronement of a just and egalitarian societym where all Lagosian will be equal..


efficient transport system

For a prosperous Lagos, the comatose public transport system must be enhanced for smooth movement of Lagosian and ease of trade.

Dele Accord

The Team

Election Steering Committee

Our goal as a party is to establish a government of lagosians, voted in by lagosians and for the common interest of lagosians.

Your vote is your right.

“Someone struggled for your right to vote, use that right”

Susan B. Anthony

American women's rights activist and social reformer